ths master mix
Artistry in Music

Dear friends,

in 1981, the first ths master mix production climbed the Dutch Dance Charts, being the first precursor of all those projects to follow. A vast number of things changed during these 20 years of successful music business, and media as well as technology turned to completely new shades of themselves. But the solid base and reliable factor ths master mix remained the same through the ages.

Starting with a single studio in the early days, today's ths master mix is a well-known media enterprise combining the whole range from content creation, production, and publishing, providing the broad range from audio to video and interactive content, but of course still focussed on our music acts and projects as the center spots of our action.

Now, in the year 2001, we are pleased to introduce this company's new name, integrating all the divisions arisen around the ths master mix under one roof:

master orange entertainment

master orange entertainment will remain the very same solid base and reliable factor you used to know the ths master mix for, celebrating its 20th anniversary with the integration into the next bigger step.